Weddings and small or large parties

We are happy to make confectionery for all of your special occasions, whether it be large parties or weddings. The pictures below show just such a special Wedding order. Daniel and Hannah chose to have four favourite flavours of chocolates presented on trays covered in fabric which mirrored the Bridesmaids dresses. Menus were created in the same fashion with a list of the various ingredients on the reverse.

Wedding favours can also be created to your specific instructions. The final cost is calculated by the finished weight of the product, and if you requires special trays or hand sewn bags or pouches to be created for that finishing touch, the time and materials will also be extra.

Please contact us if you would like our delicious confectionery at one of your special events.

Other Commissions:

It is easy for you to order something special for an occasion, anniversary, birthday or a diner party gift.

We can organise something for you whether it be personalised or just something very tasty which you would like to call your own, created in chocolate, in the limits of our possibilities – please note we do not work with “transfers” (we do not see the point, as transfers are industrially made and often contains artificial colours) and we do not have industrial machinery. All our creations are hand-done, and their sometimes imperfections are what makes them unique and charming.

The presents of your choice can also be presented in a beautiful fabric bag, made on the premises.

We can also make to order, any smaller items you might want which aren’t in the shop at the moment, on a £5 minimum order basis. Chocolate tablettes with the filling of your choice, or a name written on top is one of the commissions we often get asked to do. A customised Easter egg, Easter rabbit or Father Christmas is also available.

Please note it might take from 5 days to several weeks to organise a special gift commissioned, depending on the amount of work and planning required to organise and deliver it.


(Angel Fluff Marshmallows available on order for the decoration of Pièce Montées or any other pâtisserie)