Armagnac prunes in plain chocolate shellSpecial order egg ££££

Easter Eggs

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You can choose the Easter Egg which suits your or your family’s need.

Easter Egg Chocolate
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Armagnac prunes in plain chocolate shell

Easter eggs: We have a few ready for you to purchase, which can be posted the next day. Free local delivery over £30 or free postage over that amount.
The egg sizes are:
8cm: 90g min, £5.50
12cm: 230g min £10
14cm: 360g min (one egg was 500g! We should really sell them by weight but it is difficult on the website…) £15

The choice of the ready-made eggs are, made with 42% Milk or 76% Dark organic chocolate:

– Chocolate egg shell with an Agen prune with Armagnac prune puree (vegan-friendly in Dark chocolate, contains alcohol) 1 prune for the 8cm egg and 3 large prunes for the 12cm egg .
Available stock:
6x £5.50 Dark eggs

– Ginger ganache made with fresh ginger, vegan in dark.
Available stock:
1x£10 dark egg,
4x£5.50 Dark eggs, (one is half orange ganache, half ginger ganache)
1x £5.50 Milk egg

– Rum Raisin ganache (contains dairy, alcohol)
1x£10 Half rum raisin ganache / Half local damson gin ganache

– Licorice and anise ganache (contains dairy, alcohol)
Available stock:
1x£5.50 Milk chocolate egg

– Fresh orange zest ganache (vegan in Dark)
Available stock:
7x£5.50 Dark eggs
1x £10 Dark egg

– Ile de Re salted caramel (contains dairy)
Available stock:
5x£5.50 Dark eggs,
1x £10 Dark egg
1x £10  Half Salted caramel / Half Damson Gin ganache
1x £8 Dark egg (it is a broken £10 egg reduced, 12cm)
1x £15 (14cm size) egg (Caramel and salted nuts)DARK,

– Raspberry ganache with Knapton raspberries
1x £10 Milk chocolate egg
1x £10 Half raspberry ganache / Half Salted caramel
1x£10 Half raspberry ganache / Half Salted caramel and toasted almonds


The eggs which can be done on order are:
-Local damson gin with damson pieces ganache (vegan, alcohol)
-Licorice and anise (alcohol, dairy)
-Cherry liqueur (alcohol, dairy)
– Knapton Raspberry ganache (dairy)
-Candied citrus peel (vegan, chocolate shell with just the peel)
-Candied ginger (vegan, chocolate shell with ginger)

The packaging is 98% plastic-free: the eggs are wrapped in wood cellulose film which is compostable.

Postage will be done as soon as possible or maximum on Saturday 4th of April to arrive before the Easter Sunday on the 12th April.

Those are quite difficult times at the moment as we all know, so please be clear in what you would like, milk or dark, (some of us get a bit thicker during mad times) if you hear no reply from your email/message please contact me again. or phone (the online form still doesn’t work )

Thank you for looking and may you keep safe, sane and smily!

Special order garden raspberry ganache and local damson gin ganache, half and half. The reaspberry eggs include a little bit of white chocolate on some of the decoration. (white with raspberry powder…)

Special orders with 2 ganaches in every half.

Special order egg ££££ Salted caramel and almonds, with a damson gin ganache  half

Our cellophane made from wood pulp, the tags are unfortunately still plastic. (paper ribbon replaces the plastic tags in the later eggs)

Easter Egg Chocolate 39% Organic Milk, 74% Organic dark
Easter Egg Size 12cm, 8cm