pot-luck chocolates

Pot-luck chocolates flowers – collect 101 points tokens to win a free pot-luck!


Pot-luck chocolates, you do not know which flavour nor which token you will get! Collect 101 points to win a free pot-luck

Chocolate choice

This is a new project, very exciting and fun, pot-luck chocolates flowers. l have just checked the spelling, in American English it is spelled potluck and means bringing dishes to a dinner party, but in 16th century England it was spelled pot-luck, and before that potte-lucke, so we will stay with pot-luck, since we live in England and we aren’t going to a party yet.

Pot-luck chocolates are individual chocolates which could be any flavour, may or not contain nuts, seeds, and are generally a small reproduction of the tablettes flavours. You can choose from dark or milk chocolate. The dark chocolate pot-lucks are all suitable for vegan diets. Only adventurous people may enjoy the pot-lucks, as you have to be able to enjoy most flavours or have someone near you who will hoover it up if you do not like the flavour.
All the chocolates are in the shape of a flower, 5 different flowers in total, and all vary in size, some are larger than others but they are all flat chocolates.

The fun of the game comes when opening the sachet, on the back of the foil-wrapped chocolate you will find a little token, with a number on.
The number could be 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, or 1. The 1’s are rare, (there is 1 One token per 16 tokens and the chocolate pot-lucks are all mixed up with different flavours and different tokens so buying 16 doesn’t mean you would get a 1 nor a Golden Tony – it is pot-luck!) and 1’s are necessary in order to get a free pot-luck chocolate, so you have to gather 100 points  PLUS the 1 token.  As long as you have the 1 token and 100 or more normal points, you can claim your free chocolate.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there. There is another token, even  rarer than the 1 token  is the ‘GOLDEN TONY’ token. (1 token per 33 tokens)
There are no points on this token, and it entitles you to claim a free medium bar of your choice, worth £3.50. The medium bars are not on the website but you can just choose the flavour according to the tablettes flavours as they are all present. The Golden Tony comes from Green Drummers, he was our drummer mascot and got into all sorts of trouble (another story). He has infiltered himself into the 12 apostles adventures as he was feeling left out from the new  projects of chocolate making. (you can see him looking bored, hanging out the window on our home page “shop” picture)
With the golden Tony, on photographic proof of you having got one, l will send you a free bar with your next order. If you are not planning to order for quite a few months, you can either keep it till you will, or pick up a free bar at our local markets. Unless you want to pay for postage but it will be £3.20 first class as these bars will not fit in a narrow “large letter”.

All the tokens are different, all have a drawing of a wagtail or its legs whilst it is laying an egg. (the 2 tokens just have its feet) and  the presentation Pot-luck stickers have 3 different drawings, so if you are inclined that way, you may collect them and swap them with your friends.

As we said, there are 16 different tokens, and all   16 tokens add up to 136 points – so the free chocolate is not too far in the future if you buy enough. There is no time limit.

The pot-lucks are just true hazard! l do not know which tokens are chosen when packing them for you.

Good luck!

Ps every order over £30 will get a free pot-luck chocolate.


Chocolats de l’auberge Espagnole

C’est la traduction trouvee pour Pot-luck, mais je suis sure qu’il y a une meilleure traduction en patois du sud-ouest…meme en Francais…

Ce sont des chocolats tous differents, dont vous ne saurez le gout que lorsque vous les ouvrirez. Il y a une indication avec la decoration de ce qui se trouve a l’interieur. Ce pourrait etre… cafe datte et noisette; ecorce d’agrume confite; pistache, figue et cardamome; anis, pepites de cacao brut et raisins de Corinthe; gingembre confit; sarrazin grille, sel de mer, paprika fume et poivre de Cayenne…les chocolats noirs sont tous sans lait.

Avec ces chocolats vous pourrez collectionner les dessins mais aussi des points, qui se trouvent caches derriere l’etiquette de presentation. POur gagner, vous avez besoin de 101 points, et d’inclure un jeton avec un 1, qui est l’un des jetons gagnants.

Nous y avons aussi mis un jeton (bien plus rare) qui s’appelle l’Antoine Doré, ou Golden Tony, et ce jeton vous offre une barre de chocolat de votre choix, qui vaut £3.50 , de 45g. (elles ne sont pas sur ce site internet mais vous choisissez parmi les tablettes  et apres preuve du Tony Doré par photo, je vous envoie une barre gratuite lors de votre prochaine commande.)

Vous pouvez echanger vos chocolats avec vos amis et collectioner les jetons.

Bonne chance!

Chocolate choice Dark chocolate, Milk and dark chocolate, Milk chocolate


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