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6chocs drawing choice
Small Mysteries
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Those boxes of 6 chocolates are a random selection: there is no menu and you have to guess the flavours.

A random selection, available in milk, dark or mixed chocolate, also dairy-free, suitable for vegan diet, available.

The drawing is of Toby again (he was there last year with Mr Pigeon) and Joshie, the killer turkey who likes to peck shoes and is running after the shoe that Toby is wagging at her.
There is an actual video of the chase, but l am not sure l should attempt to put it on the product page… (you can find the video on Instagram, under Continuum Conceits…)

Joshie still pecks shoes now, but it is winter and cold and she doesn’t hang around the house looking for shoes any longer! She waits for them to come to her!

Ingrédients and allergies: some chocolates contain nuts, alcohol, and dairy.(except for dairy-free box which contains nuts and alcohol).

You see the bubbly chocolate wrapped in gold foil? It will be the one mould used for the rectangular boxes of 6 chocolates , available on the website shop.

A drawing with heart and flowers is also available for this mystery collection.

6chocs drawing choice Flowers and heart, Joshie , Toby and the shoe
Small Mysteries Dark chocolate, Extra-dark (suitable for vegan diet), Milk chocolate, Mixed chocolate