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Vegan in dark chocolate


Posted on 10/06/2019

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About foods and life energy

Posted on 09/06/2019

"When you physically put to your heart the food which has entered your life, it attunes the food to your vibrations and as a result it will do least harm and most good, as well as other things you don't know about," I felt this, catching a packet of unloved organic Bulgar wheat. An inner ...Read More »

Stepping through

Posted on 15/05/2019

Sometimes, we feel as shy as an 11 year old, faced with the dread of a blank page during that very important exam. That exam that will make or break whether we will pass the BAC or not. Shyness? Fear, most likely. Fear that the four walls are going to close in! If we fail, we may manage nothing ...Read More »

Paques arrive! (avec un accent circonflexe sur le A)

Posted on 23/03/2019

The Easter Eggs are indeed being made, I love that time of year when making different shapes with chocolate and fillings. THis year, we have 7 flavours of easter eggs ONLY (rather than 17 the last few years...) and they will probably not make it to the website (it's sod's law, I am trying to ...Read More »


Posted on 19/01/2019

"If you want to be left on your own, have an unpopular political point of view and turn up with it at the parties... I have been a marxist all my life, and I live in a village of fascists... it's a lonely existence" From J. Herefordshire, we will not publish the village's name. An interesting ...Read More »

Marches Locaux


Posted on 16/05/2018

Continuum Conceits is coming to the Harbourside Food and Crafts market in Bristol, Saturday 23d June and Saturday  27th July! We are looking forward to seeing some of our Bristol customers there and meet other chocolate devourers and ...Read More »

Cc’s Fruit and Nut Millions Easter eggs

Posted on 01/03/2018

Millions, because there has been probably a million of those varied little delights, all dipped in chocolate, to fill our easter eggs this year, alongside the other easter eggs with salted caramel, ganaches, etc. [caption id="attachment_2237" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Coated... Fruit and ...Read More »

“What are all those Soundcloud gimmicks all over the place?”

Posted on 21/02/2018

Good question, asked from one of my regular made-up site visitors. You may have noticed this happening since January? This is joy, this is silliness, this is deep, shallow, floating and dancing, all at the same time. This is a sea's adventure of a soul thriving in expression. It is what has kept ...Read More »

“Home” or a bit of history.

Posted on 31/01/2018

Le Chateau de Soussis, or Soucis (sur le cadastre) , in the Tarn-Et-Garonne, 82. Near... Montcuq, Cahors, or if  you don't know those, you may know Toulouse. Or Two Wins. Hahaha. (Ahem).  Located in the region of Midi-Pyrennees. I was told "Experts" (I am not sure who those were) dated the ...Read More »

Why, oh Why, has your “more more more!” page logo a goose and a chicken on it?

Posted on 31/01/2018

It is time to answer that question that some of you will be asking yourselves if you have wandered up to this  More More More, page. It is very simple, those feathered creatures have been my best friends since I was very little. When growing up on a farm, other people are always very very ...Read More »

Enjoying Life in sounds!

Posted on 23/11/2017

The Music will be dropping in at random points in the pages. Those tracks are not spam nor adverts. They are simply an expression of the whole. Je ne Suis Coi - un je ne sais quoi... qui roule de tous les cotes!!! ...Read More »

Single estate single origin grand-cru etc

Posted on 15/10/2017

A quick word with one of the suppliers whom we don't order chocolate from anymore, made me wonder about the preciousness of chocolate, like the one of wine and other luxury items. The person on the phone, Mark, had said that the best chocolate was the latest one they were "working" with, not the ...Read More »

News and histoires!

Posted on 26/08/2017

We have been awarded the Gold Bursary by the Ludlow Food Festival this year, so this was shocking and delightful news as well as being given a bursary stall at the BBC Winter Good Food show in Birmingham!! ...Read More »

A Free Spirit

Posted on 02/07/2017

A free Spirit... Really? Free the men from being fashion and gossip victims!!! All for one, one for all! Men are allowed to wear whatever they like! (and it is not true that they only like greys and browns! They are just scared of what people will say!! ...) Les hommes, ...Read More »

At the String Quartet

Posted on 26/06/2017

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Mr German Speaking Gnome

Rencontres inattendues!

Posted on 08/06/2017

    [caption id="attachment_1826" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Mr German Speaking Gnome checking out the new Hot Chocolate Disks[/caption]   Some days bring wonderful meets with people from all backgrounds and places. Today at Local to Ludlow market, a gentleman was ...Read More »

Easter Eggs are rolling on!

Posted on 05/03/2017

For those who do read this page, thank you. I don't post very often and try and vary it from what is posted on the Facebook page - as Facebook isn't everyone's cup of tea. Or I should say, it isn't everyone's chocolate bar. The Easter eggs are seeing a start in this year 2017 - just in time to ...Read More »

A chocolate tasting

Posted on 02/02/2017

  January 1st 2017!                                    A tasting of various chocolates (Sorry for the lack of photo – they have been consumed. ) A very happy beautiful new Year to each of you reading this. May it bring you success, joy, health, and grounded ...Read More »

Confessions – Rum – which quality to chose?

Posted on 02/02/2017

December 13th – Subject of the day – Rum   I unfortunately bought, a while ago, a medium-priced rum to do my rum-raisin ganache, and when I got home with it and tried it, I realised it wasn’t good enough at all so ended up adding half Armagnac to the Rum Raisin so they would ...Read More »

Completion of the Wild Apostles!

Posted on 02/02/2017

28th November 2016 It is with great joy I can announce that the Apostles Mid-Winter assortment has at last come to completion! The boxes of Wild Apostles (The Rustique Boxes) and the Apostles in Disguise (classic Red boxes) are all on sale at our markets at the price of £26 each (350g) and ...Read More »

Foretaste on the Winter Selection

Posted on 02/02/2017

21st November 2016 (What? Already?!!) There are a couple of updates  – there are more but I just have not got into a habit of taking photos and posting them on here. My first joy is this parcel that arrived a few days ago: not having been able to go to London this Autumn to rade my ...Read More »

31st October 2016…

Posted on 02/02/2017

UPDATE on the CHOCOLATE ASSORTMENTS BOXES and CHANGES on the stock availability this coming Mid-Winter/ Solstice/ Christmas. Please be aware that my plans of having small and medium boxes, as well as the larger boxes like I did last year, has been business-met and discussed due to not managing to ...Read More »

Canon Pyon WI evening

Posted on 02/02/2017

26/10/16 (evening) My first talk and demonstration at the WI in Canon Pyon. Such a friendly evening, which went very well! Well, except the coffee ganache was too stiff to make prunes with so we had to use Orange ganache instead… I dare say there were a lot of happy faces at the end ! (or was ...Read More »

What we grow is in us forever

Posted on 02/02/2017

26/10/16 This piece of wood spoke loud words… It’s one of these things that reminds me to stop and look. Without, and ...Read More »

Glen Moray and the festive Season

Posted on 02/02/2017

15/10/16 The festive Season assorted chocolates are being planned as we write. Yes, we can multi-task indeed,  or rather, they are writing themselves in the book whilst I slave away doing not very much on this page. Well, except I wanted to share this with you: you might have gathered I do avoid ...Read More »

First post – welcome to the blog page

Posted on 02/02/2017

09/09/2016 Well, here is my first ever post on this website. Due to not knowing yet how to make this page into a blog page, it will have to be a ramble-on page which goes on forever as the posts and the photos place themselves on top of another with time. I know. We will call it a ...Read More »

La marmite de ma grand-mere – si belle une fois recuree!

Posted on 18/01/2017

A lot of people ask me why I called my business “Continuum” (Conceits). As I tell them, it is about following traditions that are nurturing to us, to involve our ancestors with kindness and respect as they made so much effort to get us there, think of them and our loved ones in our everyday ...Read More »