About Continuum Conceits

Continuum Conceits is a one person venture for the time being, with the help of friends in busy times.

The confections are made from my new barn kitchen, and everything is made here, including the handwriting,drawing, sewing and printing the packaging. Creativity makes me very happy.

The products made here are hand crafted; I also have the joy to work with gorgeous trimmings and fabrics to present them, when l have time.

Alexandra Pechabadens @Hampton Court fair,December 2015

Alexandra Pechabadens @Hampton Court Castle fair, Herefordshire, December 2015

Continuum Conceits/ French Chocolates’ – the achievements

I am proud to be a self-­taught confectioner. To be fair, in 2007, my god-father bought me a 2 hour walk-­in workshop as a birthday present, with a very renommé chocolatier in Burgundy: Chocolaterie Dufoux. (Does that count as “professional training”?)  The workshop was nice and inside his very glamorous Chocolaterie, were enormous pans of melted chocolates, already tempered. A few orange peels were dipped, a few cherries too and he did a nice speech, chocolates were of course eaten and plenty bought to take home.
Prior to that, I had already enjoyed making chocolate boxes and assortments for my friends and family, which had been done with much detail and had included crafty, hand-done drawings.

These were done 2 years in a row and then abandoned for other creative ventures.

The first chocolate box collection made in 2003, only for very few family members and friends. The red tiger cloth bag, as well as being terribly unsightly, (which made it funny) had been sewn shut, and was very hard to open in a rush, which is always hilarious to watch. The pleasure of opening it lasts longer!!! Try it!!


I started making chocolates professionally in 2013, a chance conversation at a local market availability that December which got me to make the confectionery again, which also got me starting selling at the WI market in llandrindod,and Kington.  Since then I have steadily built a loyal and much appreciated following of chocolate lovers, both at the local markets and online.

The kitchen is assessed by the local authorities as every food business requires in this country and has been granted a 5.

About the confectionery: the main elements are the Agen prunes and the tablettes but lately l started putting a few boxes of small chocolates on the website. Ideas come in and out again, and if you have had the chance to come and see Continuums Conceits at a local market, you will notice a wider range of product.. Yet some of the favourites always remain.

Origins of the company name, Continuum Conceits:

Continuum: n. Kon-tin-yew-um Sequence, unbroken link.

Conceits: n. Kon-seets, (in old English) Conception, opinion; a baseless-fancy, a pleasant and ingenious, generally whimsical, notion.

By this name, my wish is to carry on the link between generations; wanting to establish a stronger energetic connection made from respect and care to those before, and those after us whilst remembering enjoyable traditions and creativity. To create something frivolous and pleasurable for the senses and entice creative thoughts in others, is plain joy.

As by every other page where Soundcloud links appear, this link below is to some sound recordings.