* The home of French and British influenced artisan chocolates handmade
with high quality, ethical ingredients
in Herefordshire *

Shop and products unfortunate Unavailability notice –

l am now preparing the Noël stock: stuffed Agen Pruneaux boxes and the Apostles extravagant and extraordinary selection boxes. Due to the amount of work involved and time needed, l am not updating the present stock on the website till those boxes are ready, so to maximise focus on the production, those boxes being the highlight of my chocolate year. 

The shop will return to normal tablette stock and posting (if there are any left from the markets and shops sales) beginning of December, alongside the Apostle selections and Pruneaux d’Agen fourrés boxes, which will be delivered on time then, for Christmas post.
If you need a delivery abroad and it is urgent, please contact me directly using the contact form.  

Local market notices:

All the local markets will be taking place in December as ‘usual’,  Kington (Every Friday till the 18th), Presteigne (5th) Leominster (12th) Bishops Castle (19th)

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Welcome to Continuum Conceits, home of the Franco-British confectionery, where you will find specialities and chocolates, made in the cottage kitchen in Herefordshire, UK. Agen Prunes with a filling dipped in chocolate, chocolate tablettes with a centre in white, 42% milk or 76% dark chocolate, garlic or curry chocolate, pruneaux d’agen fourres ou nature, au chocolat. All the french chocolates and products are made using the freshest, finest, local and organic when possible, ethical, sometimes fairtrade ingredients. The organic chocolate is from the Dominican Republic. All confections are made in very small batches and hand-finished with an artistic presentation. Couture chocolate – literally.
Enjoy your visit and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.