* The home of French and British influenced artisan chocolates handmade
with high quality, ethical ingredients
in  Herefordshire

The promised new stock hasn’t arrived yet, l am due to put up some Apostles boxes of chocolate on the shop page very soon, however my previous 2 weeks has grown into a month, so keep checking and you may get lucky.
Thank you for your patience and for browsing the website,
3d  May 21

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Lovely lovely

C’est génial! Elles sont si tendres et fraîches!

28th April: Exciting news! A very kind customer told me about a scheme on a website, check it out, called Crowd Farming (.com) where the farmers sell their fruit and produce direct. l went on and bought for my candied peel, 4 boxes of organic citrus, the oranges are candying now, and welcome to the grapefruit also from the same farmer  in Spain, and to the box of a mixture of clementine and mandarins from Italy (From a monastery but l am not sure if there still are monks there) . All those beauties and a box of lemon which hasn’t arrived, will make super delicioso candied peel, direct from the farmer so they got paid more money (l think l ended up paying a bit more too actually) and it is just lovely to see their photos and read what they have to say. So not to drag on and hide the menu, l will put the glorious photo of those 2 boxes on the bottom of this page (since l deleted my blog page as it didn’t work well at all)

Welcome to Continuum Conceits, home of the Franco-British confectionery, where you will find specialities and chocolates, made in the cottage kitchen in Herefordshire, UK. Agen Prunes with a filling dipped in chocolate, chocolate tablettes with a centre in white, 42% milk or 76% dark chocolate, garlic or curry chocolate, pruneaux d’agen fourres ou nature, au chocolat. All the french chocolates and products are made using the freshest, finest, local and organic when possible, ethical, sometimes fairtrade ingredients. The organic chocolate is from the Dominican Republic. All confections are made in very small batches and hand-finished with an artistic presentation. Couture chocolate – literally.
Enjoy your visit and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.