The home of French and British influenced boutique luxury chocolates and confectionery
– handmade in Herefordshire – 

Welcome to Continuum Conceits, home of the Frencho-English confectionery, where you will find specialities and chocolates, made in Herefordshire, UK: in my cottage kitchen! Agen Prunes with a filling dipped in chocolate, chocolate tablettes with a centre in white, milk or 74% dark chocolate, Guerande Salted Caramel sauce made in a Bretagne fashion, Cultured seeds with curry and garlic. All the french chocolates and products are made using the freshest, finest, local and organic when possible, ingredients. My organic chocolate is from the Dominican Republic. All confections are made in very small batches and hand-finished with an artistic presentation. Couture chocolate – literally.
Visit me at one of the markets or shop on line. Enjoy your visit and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.